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Our 2 Cents

Product Description

This 260-coil mattress gives years of durable comfort. On one side, the mattress gives the firm support needed for infancy. On the other, it's all about that cushy comfort for the toddler years! The Emily II is also non-toxic with a triple laminated water-resistant cover. That's smart. That's safe. That's our Emily.


Features include:

Dimensions: 52"L x 27.5"W x 6"H
16.5 lbs



  • 260-Coil Mattress
  • 15.5 gauge coils for durability
  • 6 gauge border wire on infant side for extra firm support
  • One side is for infant and the other for toddlers
  • Side 1 has firmer support for infant
  • Side 2 has cushy comfort for the active toddler
  • Reinforced triple laminate cover for tear and water resistance
  • Fabric made of vinyl surface with double polyester backing
  • Wet proof cover made of Polyester with PVC
  • Ultra-fresh additive formulated into vinyl for anti-bacteria surface (no other additives needed, vinyl is water repellent by nature)
  • Meets Federal Flammability Standard CFR-1633 (Met by Antimony formulated into vinyl surface)
  • Meets all federal requirements for full-size cribs
  • No adhesives in our crib mattresses
  • 25 year warranty


Green Mission

+ Nurseryworks uses renewable materials. Paulownia wood is a key material. It is a fast-growing, richly grained, light weight and fire- and decay-resistant hardwood species that takes stain beautifully, and that won't warp, split, or crack. Thanks to its deep root network and its unusual physiology, it can help reclaim ecologically stressed land relatively quickly by upgrading the organic content of degraded soils.

+ Nurseryworks products are safe. They are tested to governmental standards on a quarterly basis and are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. In addition, the products are air-chamber tested to examine and eliminate toxic materials. The testing methods are intense and measure materials down to parts per billion. The first concern is that products are not emitting dangerous toxins.

+ When construction requirements (for the Nurseryworks signature carvings and unique crib slat designs) call for medium density fiberboard (MDF), Nurseryworks uses Grade E0, the safest grade available. A composite of wood chips and glue, MDF tends to off-gas formaldehyde because of a heat-bonding process that requires formaldehyde resins. The Harmonized European Standard classifies wood-based panels, including MDF, as E0, E1, and E2/E3, depending on the degree of formaldehyde emission. Grade E0 releases less than 0.5mg per liter. (Grade E1 lets off 9mg per 100g, while Grade E2/E3 secretes 9mg-39mg per 100g.)

+ Nurseryworks uses low-VOC finishes, lacquers, and glues.

+ Nurseryworks uses formaldehyde-free dyes.