• Peace of Mind Design and complete your nursery with peace of mind. At Organic Baby Chick we only carry organic, all natural, eco friendly products. We also guarantee the integrity of our products and only offer items from reputable high quality manufacturers. Shopping with Organic Baby Chick provides chic appeal and peace of mind


While preparing for our baby's arrival, we found the many baby sites and their hundreds of options for a particular item mind-boggling. Every soon-to-be parent knows it's already a challenge choosing the best product for all the items your baby will need, who has the time to weed through hundreds of different cribs to decipher which one is best for you? We decided to build our own shop in an effort to give parents an online boutique filled with only the baby products we love.


Between balancing careers and our precious baby girl, we went to work. While building our boutique, we started evolving as parents, as our growing concern for our baby girl had us researching and purchasing organic, green, sustainable, and eco-friendly when possible. Just as we were about to complete the build of our shop, we decided we wanted to change our focus and give parents a place to shop for all natural, chemical free, earth friendly, baby safe products. So, we decided to scrap what we had and start over!


Organic Baby Chick is a project we are passionate about. Each item in our shop is carefully chosen as if we are going to give it to our baby girl. We also understand not every item can be organic or green, and because we want Organic Baby Chick to be your one stop shop, we offer other products to complete your nursery.


We hope Organic Baby Chick gives you peace of mind and ease of shopping.


With love,
The Karim Family